There are n number of things to inquire before buying a home and we do it all for you.


Construction Quality

Quality of even the smallest part of a property ensures security and durability. We ensure, you live in a safe home.

How is the construction quality?

Type of bricks and construction equipment, RCC earthquake resistant structure, number of columns per tower etc.


What types of fittings, paint and flooring that will be used in apartment?

Tower layout

What is the tower layout (L shaped or open upside down) and how it is helping in the ventilation?


Builder’s Background

This is the easiest way to identify reliance of a project.

Previous projects

What are Projects delivered by the builder till date?

Project review

How much appreciation has the previous projects of the builder experienced?

Builder review

What are the reviews of the existing customers of the builder?

Previous delivery timelines

What has been the delivery timeline of the past projects of the builder?



Well, location matters!


Is the project well connected with national highway and metro station?

Exit routes

How many exit routes will be there from the project?

Distance from metropolitan’s central point

How far is the project from the metropolitan’s central point.



This constitutes of small-small factors which ensure comfort in your daily life.

State of habitation

What is planning in terms of state of habitation of the locality?

Smaller Amenities

What is the parking ratio per flat, number of lifts per tower, how much is the lobby space?


Project Amenities

Ratio comparison between no. of houses/people and amenities of a project is always a good practice.

Amenities ratio comparison

What’s the sharing ratio of amenities in the project to the number of residential units?

Future sustainable amenities

Is the project future sustainable in terms of having a water softener plant, green building certification etc. ?


Value for Money

Every penny spent should be a worth spend.

What is the average market price of the location?
What is the carpet area and loading percentage?
What is the quality of finishing is there in the flat?


RERA Compliances

This is something dealers don't communicate clearly. Rera compliance is an important factor to check before investing in a property.

Escrow account

In which bank, does the project has it’s escrow account?

RERA completion date

What is the RERA completion date?

Penalty clause

Is the penalty clause according to RERA guidelines?



The Science of Architecture


What is the orientation of the plot of the project?


What is the shape of the plot (Rectangular/Go-Mukhi/Sher-Mukhi) ?


What is the direction of the main entry gate of the flat?

Orientation of rooms

What is the placement orientation of all the rooms of the flat?

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